About Me


So Who am I? Well, in case you are wondering I am a mother to 3 sweet, fun loving little boys, one who thinks he is too big for kisses, another who can’t get enough of them and one who goes around the house at Mach 5 speed and is usually a blur in our family pictures, and last but not least, I’m the proud mama to 1 “sweet as pie” little girl who has turned our world upside down and who at 2 years old understands the effect she has on the rest of the family, we are crazy about her! I’ve been married to my hunny for 13 years now and I’m grateful everyday to have this amazing and supportive Man in my life and to be part of his.  I am a Photography lover!!!  My family is my greatest source for Inspiration!  They make my world go around.  I have the most fun capturing images of the most ordinary every day moments, which more often than not are the ones that stir my heart.  You and I know and understand the fleeting nature of Childhood, it is gone in a flash but through photography it can be captured forever into something tangible, a Photograph to be shared and enjoyed for a long time to come, which takes me to my other point, “Photography is not expensive, it is Priceless”

It is in the human nature to create beauty and though I can perceive beauty in many different forms and in many different things I’ve found that photography is my medium and not because of the perfection of the exposure, or location or the lighting, which I think is all relative but what really moves me is the emotion it brings to me and to those whose loved ones I’m able to capture through my lens.  


Gabriela Walker