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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! What is there not to love about photography? It is the rose color glasses through which I choose to see the world. Beauty is everywhere! It resides in everyone even in the most ordinary moments, and in the most ordinary things and times. I'd be willing to bet you on it! Wanna find out how I know that I'm right? Give me a call and let me show you! You will like what I see!

Drum roll Please… Matilda Jane Photo Love Contest 2012|Round 2

Posted on December 5, 2012

Alrighty everyone, here it is! The one image we decided on, it was HARD!!!  Please stay tuned by checking back or check out the MJ blog at  http://www.matildajaneblog.com and if we make the cut we’d absolutely love to have your vote!  Amazing things can happen with a little help : )  though I must say regardless of the outcome, what an absolutely fun ride it has been, Thank you Matilda Jane for the opportunity and best luck to all the other amazingly talented photographers that made the top 50, cheers!

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